Yurii Plavko

International Film Festivals are a great opportunity to gain more experience, knowledge and useful contacts in the field of film production. It was the first time I visited such an event outside of  Ukraine, so it was very interesting to compare it with Ukrainian film festivals.

First of all I want to admit that the festival was very well organized: engaging and clear program, interesting personalities, information support, the work of translators, attracting a large number of volunteers, transport and even phone application which had all the necessary information, as well as many informal meetings and parties - all of this shows the level the event.

It was the flawless organization that made it possible to feel comfortable and to concentrate on the festival program, which was extremely interesting for each participant.

There were not only famous Czech movies presented but also movies of foreign directors and even some filmed in Ukraine (Filip Remunda "Near Far East"). As a sound engineer, I was primarily interested in sound and music solutions and I want to admit professional level of sound performance, sound design and musical drama in films.

Apart from films the festival in Jihlava also had a lot of interesting and useful meetings with representatives and leaders of international European film schools (Frederick Hestvold, Norway; Jean-Pierre, Switzerland; Paul Yeh, Czech Republic). Participants of the festival had the opportunity to talk with students, professors and to exchange experience and contacts as well as agree on further cooperation in the field of film production. For me as for a PhD student from KNUTKiT named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary these meetings were very interesting as I work with students and I believe that the development of educational process in Ukrainian film schools is very important for the education of new generations of filmmakers.

In my opinion, Czech cinematography is in a very good state. Wonderful film schools, financing, support from government – that is what is so necessary in our country to develop this industry. We must learn from foreign counterparts and develop the Ukrainian cinematography, which has a rich history and a good potential. Thus, such events as the International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava are very important, interesting and useful for us!