Svitlana Aparina

As for me he main topic of International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava this year is FREEDOM.

During screening of the films I have realized that it's a festival of truly author's documentaries which have no topical or technical borders. But at the same time all the films are made on the high professional level.

For me as for director of photography it was interesting to find out that Czech documentary has its own style that is very visible, moving from film to film. It is clear that it's very varied, but within certain limits. This includes composition, lightning, color. And most important that in many movies camera is just invisible. You can see few people who looks at the camera when you shoot them. This can be found not in every city. The festival reflected the most modern life of Czech Republic, speaking about Czech documentaries.

I would like to mention the film that impressed me the most! The first in my list is a film about cool photographer Josef Koudelka! Very grateful to the director Gilad Baramy for having presented an hour and a half of pleasure! Moreover, the opening of the festival was a very good start. At that moment I realized that lots of interesting things were waiting for me in the next days of festival. Here is a small text Joseph said in an interview, and a photo made by him.

"For me the pleasure of photographing is to wake up, come out and watch. At everything. I don't say to myself -" You should look at this or that. "I look at everything and try to find something that makes me interested, because when I go shooting I don't know what I'm interested in". Why exactly these words? Because I have the same ideas!

List of the films which I liked the most:
"Czechs against Czechs " Tomáš Kratochvil
"Poem and stone" Maryam Tafakory
"Shahrzaad's Tale" Shahon Parhami
"Goat" Ivan Ostrochovsky
"The Eichmann Show" Paul Andrew Williams

I was very pleased with people who attended the festival. I saw light in their eyes, their interest and great joy of being at this event! It was really good organization because for us as for foreigners it was very comfortable to navigate through the festival locations and to find particular movies! So I want to express special gratitude to coordinators.

For me this trip was very useful and it has inspired to action. I saw a variety of creative ways of filmmaking - from traditional to experimental! Next time I'm planing to return to the festival with my own movie!