Liudmyla Аgafonova

The report on the visit to the 19th Festival of Documentary Film

Many thanks to the Czech Centre and Intrershool, for granted tion opportunity to experience the culture of the European documentary film. It was impressive and memorable.

For me, a trip to the Film Festival in Jihlava was a kind of journey into a parallel reality. The air of this small Czech town full of new ideas and inspiration. It seems that all the 9 muses of Greek mythology hovering nearby. Perhaps my words are like honey and priterny too, but it filled me with such feelings. Born some interesting ideas and ideas that are now planning to implement.

The creative atmosphere, interesting people, the flow of new information- avalanche filled out. Custom look at all the issues of creativity, relationships, politics, economics and all byta- Jihlava.

It was possible to have a lot of interesting contacts and to discuss their ideas and future projects with Czech directors, producers and editors. Also, it seems to me now that I see a lot of open doors, it remains to choose one door and enter it.

Words to describe my admiration and a lot of experience there is very difficult. Back in Kiev, I have repeatedly been on the actions and events that are organized by the Czech Center. I am always surprised these activities and creative originality. I was born utterance: If the Czech Center, not slow down, the Ukrainian culture, everything will be the Czech Republic! It's great that there are people and organizations who care about the development of students and youth. It's great! Thank you!

For me there secret forces were taken from the early morning until late at night running from one theater to another, from one master to the next class. I wanted to be a sponge or a litmus test - soak up as much information, but the fly in the ointment ... was my poor health. I had to agree with my body))))

I love movies, especially documentaries, so a trip to the festival of documentary film was the idea to go to sleep for several months. New dating incredible promise with meters (dare I say it) a modern documentary cinema and television - have once again confirmed that our profession is to remain only in the event that you can not live without a movie.

Every day I was thinking about how to use the knowledge acquired in the work, how we can improve this or that ... confident that after this trip all the stories, which have to work will have a different hue.

The main thing - to catch the moment, which will confirm: it is a moment of happiness - I caught.