1717 kilometrů léta 2009

1717 Kilometrov Poletja 2009

1717 Kilometers of Summer 2009

Kamera: Jurij Meden, Vlado Škafar
Střih: Jurij Meden
Zvuk: Paulo Raposo
Barva: Colour

1 Balkans 2 eyes, road 5 spontaneity of the filmic diary 6 celebration of the first, charmed look 7 the images are accumulating by mere assignment 8 the entirely erased differences between important and unimportant 9 simple composition based on the experience of unstoppable time 12 bunched, from the inside seen picture of Balkans, the exotic European province 13 where the one and only completely sure thing is that nothing is sure 14 the real, the sensual and the symbolic converging in the film of pure experience The documentation of a summer trip through Balkans, recorded on Super8, beautifully aimless, wildly gathering images more than experiences - an experimental journey, filled with hectic need to clutch everything and at a blow.


Ročník festivalu: 2010
Sekce: Mezi moři
Projekční formát: DVD PAL


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