Odměna podle zásluhy

Odměna podle zásluhy

Wages by the Merit

Scénář: Josef Soukup
Kamera: Jan Hendrych
Střih: Marie Čulíková
Hudba: Štěpán Lucký
Jazyk: čeština

1 village 2 collective farming 3 a fair wage 4 collectives introduce standardized work 5 the foundation of central planning 6 also enables quality control of work 7 work evaluated according to difficulty and importance 8 all agricultural work classified using the Soviet model 9 the work of groups, individuals must be inspected daily 10 comprehensive, logical, rational overview of finances at socialist agricultural collectives 20 Using actual examples of the activities of collective farms, the film explains all the basic issues related to the proper evaluation and fair remuneration of collective farm workers.


Ročník festivalu: 2010
Sekce: Do historie: Krutá-radostná 50. léta
Projekční formát: 35 mm


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