Mikrob minulosti

Mikrob minulosti

Microbe of the Past

Scénář: F. B. Kunc
Kamera: Ivan Frič
Střih: Oldřich Speerger
Barva: Black and white
Jazyk: čeština

1 syphilis 2 Morbus novus 3 a three-stage illness 4 small wound that disappears 5 subsequently, lesions over whole body 6 finally, nervous system attacked, paralysis follows 7 syphilis is most widespread in capitalist societies 8 these force the unemployed into prostitution, orgies abound 9 Czechoslovakia must wipe out this disease threatening our future 10 perverted, immoral life is replaced by work, joy, and penicillin 20 This documentary about healthcare officials in the people's democratic republic and their battle against sexually transmitted diseases does not fail to overlook ideological aspects by combining this evil of the past with capitalist society.


Ročník festivalu: 2010
Sekce: Do historie: Krutá-radostná 50. léta
Projekční formát: 35 mm


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