Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club

Scénář: Wim Wenders
Barva: Colour

Latin-american jazz guitarist and composer Ry Cooder recorded a CD called after anextinct havana dancing club Buena vista social club. There he discovered several excellent cuban musicians whose careers were apparently over or they didn’t perform anymore. This record succeeded incredibly all over the world and was awarded grammy on the field of latin-american music. While cooperating with Wim Wenders on the film Linie násilí, Ry Cooder got his attention by talking about amazing Cuban musicians and their music. In 1998 Wenders and small team took off for Cuba and recorded another 50 minutes for next CD in Havana’s studio Egrem and several interwievs with indivdual musicians. He put this mateial together with recordes of two orchetra concerts form Amsterdam and one concert from New York’s Carnegie Hall. This musical document brought an important testymony not only about the fenomenon of Cuban music but also about old people and their approach to life and art. The musicians talk on the videocamera in shabby Havana’s flats, bars and streets; their statements are conected with shots from the studio and the songs penetrate with the mentioned concerts. The pictures culminates by the success in Carnegie Hall and the old Cubans’ trip in New York streets during their stay in the U. S. A. The tragical social and political situation of present Cuba only shows up in inconspecious form.


Ročník festivalu: 2000
Sekce: Film a hudba


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