Spřízněni volbou

Spřízněni volbou

Elective Affinities

Scénář: Karel Vachek
Barva: Black and white

At the time Karel Vachek shot this non-flattering documentary about folklore the new wave of czechoslovakian film was just getting more and more respect and awards home and abroad. But this dynamism didn’t bring much luck to Vachek’s films. He actually didn’t have any predecessors in the world kinematography. He didn’t use processes of neither cinéma direct nor candid eye. The cristalization and mutual creativity of Vachek’s grotesque, complicated and erruptive poesy were indisputable. In his projects the director enabled the spectacle to také part in the inner conflicts and dramas, that create their own individual world. Petr Král says, that there’s no need to estimate his work by means used in kinematography, because his work can be estimated as the most authentic poesy. In a secret of the inner laugh Vachek was able to create a brand new type of a film expression going beyond the rules of the old and the new convencions for which he had suffered in 4-yeared separation under humiliating conditions. Only the colaps of the systematiccabinet politics in January 1968 inabled him to make films again. The director got into the backstage of the wild social life and he caught the history in so called négligé. In this film the professional politicions finaly they threw away they practised masks and showed their real faces.


Ročník festivalu: 2000
Sekce: Retrospektiva Karla Vachka


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