Moravská Hellas

Moravská Hellas

Moravian Hellas

Scénář: Karel Vachek
Barva: Black and white

Jaroslav Boček, a film critic: ,,From all of those films I consider The Moravian Hellas as the most discussable and contestable in teo things.The one is, I think, quite evident, that the material has slightly sprained and outgrown any composit purposes . . . It is like when the butchers make sausages, overpressure will come. This has absolutely no survey. . . The other thing-is such, I would say, a little bit ethical thing, which affects me unsymphatetic-abuse of those people. I think that here by documentary film and also by this method, the author must be really fair to people, who shall be introduced. Equal to equal."František Golscheider, a film critic: ,,As regards The Moravian Hellas in a same way as Jaroslav Boček said, absolute wastefulness to good people has affected us in some way.It starts with mischief-making, it goes to criticism, but to that criticism man approaches in a typically mischief-making way. . . I think that the blame and the pointing at the causes of folklore profanation, partial cheat with folklore and partial industrialization of folklore and all of foul habits which folklore dressed is with consist in all other things than in those peoople."Jiří Menzel, a director:,,It was said here that a film director shall work with emotion and also it should be fair. In contrast to S. Goldscheider I think that not all the people deserve it . . . I agree with fair treatment but with fair people." Zbyněk Brynych, a director:,,If someone made 400 m of a film about us discussing the film, the audience would certenly have a good time." Štěpán Lucký, a composer: ,,But there is also a bit of humanism in Vachek´s film."


Ročník festivalu: 2000
Sekce: Retrospektiva Karla Vachka


Autorem znělky 22. Ji.hlavy je slavný režisér Jean-Luc Godard