Scénář: Alexander Sokurov
Barva: Colour

Heroes of the next film from the Japanese cycle are named. The documentary deals with a woman and her disabled daughter, who have a name of a well-known Japanese writer. The husband and father died thirteen years ago and Sokurov tries to comprehend their lonely life together, the relationship, in which responsibility completes dependence. But the traditional documentary portrait just creates a background for the complicated human spirit found. The body’s oppressness has to be recorded so that it can be suppressed - the video then records the heroes’ inner life. Dramatic moments of the writer’s life and his cogitations about Japan create a background to the lyric monologue devoted to his wife, who lives on a deserted island together with her daughter and who stays away from all visitors. Through the video she reveals herself, explores the meaning of her lonely life. In the film’s impressionistic parts the director lets the memories turn up, shows the fluctuations of the woman’s mentality.


Ročník festivalu: 2000
Sekce: Zaostřeno na Alexandra Sokurova


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