Duchovní hlasy. Vojákův sen

Dukhovnye golosa

Soldier's Dream

  • Alexander Sokurov
  • Rusko
  • 1995, 11 min
Scénář: Alexander Sokurov
Barva: Colour

This short lyric film is a part of large documentary Duchovní hlasy (Z válečných deníků, Vyprávění v pěti částech). The film is a supreme experiment with the film language but the meaning of the experiment gets the film in its complexion, in total of a viewer´s time who pays more than 4 hours of sustained attention. The picture demonstrates possibilities of filmlanguage in its rough state. The editing is (for the director) only a stock a large shots from the film team´s stay in the area of the border between Afganistan and Tadzichistan where the Russian soldier fight. Russian critics say that this is a "theoretic film" where the rough record a military camp is just a pretext for an experiment in Sokurov´s lab.We can see how the film was made, what mechanism of mounted picture were used, how the sound is made or what is the role of the stylised picture in connection with the shot of reality. Sokurov presents the possibilities that may open to a spectator watching a film. This film about tiredness of soldiers and different elapse of time is dedicated to a film critic Hans Schlegel.


Ročník festivalu: 2000
Sekce: Zaostřeno na Alexandra Sokurova


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