Děti z Borinage, dopis Henrymu

Les Enfants du Borinage

Kids from Borinage - Letter to Henry Storck

  • Patric Jean
  • Belgie
  • 1998, 54 min
Scénář: Patric Jean
Barva: Colour

In 1933 Belgian director Henri Storck and Dutchman Joris Ivens made a famous film called: Poverty in Borinage. It describes indigence and a poor work conditions in Belgian mine area. A young filmmaker Patric Jean spent his childhood in there and that is why he doesn't just follow the footsteps of the far-out documentarists. Jean makes a new picture of this area which hasn't changed much in 60 years, even claiming that it got worse in many things. Since closure of the mines in the 70’s the unemployment has grown up sharply and a large number of local dwellers live in poor conditions with no chance of a change for the better. Patric Jean: : ,,After seeing Storck's and Iven’s film I decided to come back to Borinage to the places of my childhood to shoot a film-letter for Henri Storck about horrible consequences of the economic horror which takes place in the poorest quaters and about how people and all the area come into a total apathy. Every day the letter concentrates on other tragic feature, which leaves us with the feeling of gloominess. Comparing the picture of the 30's with today’s reality becomes more and more well- founded. Characters are unimportant. They are people with no use in the society which doesn’t need them nor want them. They live in oblivion. Their poverty is mainly intellectual. Their children end up in industrial schools and some don't visit one at all. Deprived of any education generation followed generation and the time passed, eventually they lost even the strenght to protest. They are the subject of ridicule.”


Ročník festivalu: 2000
Sekce: Reflexe


Autorem znělky 22. Ji.hlavy je slavný režisér Jean-Luc Godard