• Alexander Riedel
  • Německo
  • 1999, 55 min
Scénář: Alexander Riedel
Barva: Colour

Malte and Klaus sit on a heap of leaves at the end of a runway of Berlin's Tempelhof airport. The roar of a heavy aircrafts landing above their heads is unbearable. Evening-to-evening these two men from Neukoln sit here and look at whole Berlin. This is a starting point, here the film begins its hectic journey across today's free and incredibly fast-changing Berlin. Riedel's documentary is a portrait of a town that changes right from its roots. It is also collective portrait of its dwellers; free, maybe surprised by the new driving tempo, maybe aimless, maybe better off than before but more distant to each other. It is a journey of changes, journey closing in a memory circle the people and the city. The camera takes over a subjective view, in a diagonal movement it changes the motion of things , also a human being is only a motion, it brings discomposure into the space, it strikes itself inbetween houses and streets, it is a changing symbol for others who are not being shot right now. Machines, cars, people, buildings, all are part of fetishistic context of the city shadows, without city as a new higher unit they would loose their meaning, they would cease to be compact.

Ročník festivalu: 2000
Sekce: Reflexe


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