Černá kočka na sněhu

Musta Kissa Lumihangella

A Black Cat on the Snow

  • Anu Kuivalainen
  • Finsko
  • 2000, 60 min
Scénář: Anu Kuivalainen
Barva: Colour

A woman is released from prison in which she spent 4 years because she had murdured her husband. She returns home, to the new but anonymous flat where she is welcomed by her seven-year old daughter. They have not seen each other for a long time. The woman is in a situation she has to explain to her child the circumstances of the death of her father. Maybe she wants to talk about what happened but she can not find the words. The words about past are left behind the film, the authors direct everything to the present, to the possibilities of new relationship between two persons. They follow mostly the behaviour of the woman. How will she deal with the act of violency, punishment, responsibility for that and for her daughter? But can the past disappear? Can they begin a new life? To hide their identity they are shot in extreme detailes or from the distance that doesn´t allow the spectator to see their faces. Sometimes they put on the carneval masks to hide their eyes and their bodies are closer to the camera. This understandable approach intensifies the intimate character of the film.


Ročník festivalu: 2000
Sekce: Reflexe


Autorem znělky 22. Ji.hlavy je slavný režisér Jean-Luc Godard