Hudební dobrodružství na Sibiři

A Musical Adventure in Siberia

A Musical Adventure in Siberia

  • Richard Leacock, Valérie Lalonde
  • Francie
  • 1997, 50 min
Barva: Colour

For the first time the director uses a DV camera which he claims as the most intimate instrument he has ever worked with. He still wants to do films in a different way, tries to look for new technologies that would make the transformation of the structure of his work possible. The film about the prominent Boston opera company of Sarah Caldwell practising with symphonic orchestra and Russian singers, marks completely the new possibilities. The

director presents a fascinating diary about dilemas of an artist dealing with different style of work and culture. The basis of this dramatic counterpoint is the preparation of Prokofjev´s symphonic drama Eugen Onegin.


Ročník festivalu: 2000
Sekce: Pocta Richardu Leacockovi


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