Něco o Gruzii

Something about Georgia

Something about Georgia

Scénář: Nino Kirtadze
Kamera: Nathalie Durand, O. E. Santo, Denis Gravouil, Nino Kirtadze, Zurab Kodalashvili
Střih: Nino Kirtadze
Zvuk: Benjamin Bober
Barva: Colour
Jazyk: gruzínština

1 war 2 Russian threats 3 images and blood 4 fear of another occupation 5 President Saakashvili battles via telephone 6 television images in collision with reality 7 burning buildings that are not computer games 8 Russians ask: why are the Russians bombing us 9 Tbilisi, Georgia: but we are a part of Europe 10 television war: future victims wait for salvation by their televisions 20 While the bombs do their business during the short-lived Russo-Georgian war over South Ossetia, politics lives in Russia's struggle with Europe over who "inherits" Georgia and its mind and soul.

Ročník festivalu: 2010
Sekce: Mezi moři
Projekční formát: BetaCam PAL
Jazyk titulků: angličtina


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