K 11 - zpovědi sexuálního turisty

K11 - Confessions of a Sex Tourist

K11 - Confessions of a Sex Tourist

  • Puja Khoschsorur
  • Rakousko
  • 2009, 29 min
Kamera: Puja Khoschsorur
Střih: Puja Khoschsorur
Zvuk: Puja Khoschsorur
Barva: Colour
Jazyk: němčina

1 obsession 2 neurotic consumption 3 sex, money, power 4 orgasms for two euros 5 Western tourists abusing the weak 6 children selling themselves for their families 7 perverted sexual experiments performed because of money 8 maximum gratification within a disappearing landscape of self-discovery 9 testimony of drunk "stud" proud of his own greatness 10 egoist's words combine with images of life in the slums 20 A sexual predator from the West smugly brags of the conquests he can make quickly and cheaply in the developing world where the bodies of children and adolescents, offered to sex tourists, are often a family's only source of income.


Ročník festivalu: 2010
Sekce: Mezi moři
Projekční formát: DigiBeta PAL
Jazyk titulků: angličtina


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